Sunday, April 1, 2012

Flying Spaghetti Monster sighting

We signed our daughters up for swim classes down at the local YMCA. They both received t-shirts at the end of the week, which they wore all day Friday.

As I was doing laundry this weekend, I found the shirt my youngest was wearing, because I knew she got a bbq sauce stain on the bottom.

As I was spraying the heck out of it with stain remover, because we all know tomato based stains are a bitch to get out, and I noticed a familiar 'face'. I took a step back and realized that His Holiness had appeared to me. I had to document it for everyone to see.

The importance of this is two fold, not only did he appear to me during my second least favorite chore, but he also appeared on the most holy of atheist holidays, April Fools Day! ;)

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