Friday, August 12, 2011

Celebrating Two Years as an Atheist

My Freedom From Religion Foundation billboard.

I am so fortunate to have found the strength and the knowledge to leave religion.

I will be forever grateful to every atheist I encountered in 2009 who helped me, who answered my questions and who showed me where to find out the answers if they didn't know them. Including a few authors, whose writings will be read and reread for many years to come.

I am thankful to every Christian who posed questions on the Craigslist ATFO, without reading all the well thought out answers by Atheists, I wouldn't have been able to start seeing the light.

I am so grateful to have found joy in my life, which has replaced almost all of the guilt.

I am very thankful that my husband, who married me while I was religious, has stuck by my side throughout my journey. He has been a shoulder to cry on, and a wonderful support. I couldn't ask for a better life partner or best friend.

I am so happy that I realized religion was a pile of bullshit, before I started to brainwash my children. With the way I was raised to handle and feel guilt, I don't know if I could have lived with myself if I had walked away from religion after having started my children down the path of Mormonism.

I am so grateful that there are organizations like the Center for Inquiry, UU churches, Foundation Beyond Belief and the Freedom From Religion Foundation.

Want to make your own billboard? Go to to try it yourself!


Rich said...

belated congratulations!

(Rich Wilson @ Friendly Atheist)

Leia said...

belated Thanks! :)